may 21

5pm - 7pm

Rider Registration/Number Pickup @ TBD


Mandatory Rider Meeting @ TBD


Eligibility: Born between January 1st, 2002 to December 31st, 2007*


In order to create the best racing experience for all riders, we are introducing ability-based category racing to the Hayman Classic.  We encourage athletes to compete in the most appropriate ability group. The U19 Junior categories remain gender and age specific, while the other 3 categories are blended, with flexibility to help each rider find their appropriate level.


Riders who feel they may have entered the wrong category may ask to be reassigned at the onsite registration/rider meetings, and/or after Stage 1.  Riders may also apply to change categories after Stage 2.  However, in this case the rider changing category after Stage 2 would no longer be eligible for General Classification.


A review panel made up of experienced coaches and a Cycling BC representative will review applications for category reassignment. This panel may also reassign riders they observe to be in an inappropriate category based on their ability and experience.  In general, the race is open to riders born 2002 to 2007. Athletes aged 11 or 12 years old (born in 2008/2009) wishing to compete in the Hayman Classic Stage Race must apply to Cycling BC*




Junior U19 Men (born in 2002/2003) Novice riders in this age range may race in category A


Junior U19 Female (born in 2002/2003) Novice riders in this age range may race in category A

A: can ride up to 35kph avg

  • Skills mastered: tight pack condition riding, Buzz tires @ speed, master descending, bike lifts, pedaling posture. Sustain 30-minute max effort.

B: can ride 30-34kph avg

  • Skills mastered: Previous pack riding experience, high-speed group turn w/o pedal clip,
    understand/execute tactics. Sustain 20-minute max effort.

C: can ride 27-30kph avg- coached race for novice racers

  • Skills mastered: 3-sec track stand, buzz tires, standing sprint, emergency brake. Sustain 10-minute max effort.

*Athletes younger than the stated years listed wishing to compete in the Youth stage race must apply to the race for an upgrade. In order to be considered for an upgrade, the athlete must submit the following information no less than 3 weeks prior to the event.  Our Race Panel of experienced coaches will review the application.

  • A letter of recommendation written by that athlete’s NCCP certified Coach

  • A list of results obtained in road events sanctioned by a provincial or national sport organization during the 2019 or 2020 season

  • Non-BC residents should submit a photocopy of their UCI license


Upgrade request can be sent to We cannot accommodate upgrade requests made onsite. 

age group update

Riders wishing to compete in an age group other than their own must complete the Upgrade Request Form and submit to Cycling BC no less than 3 weeks prior to the event.  We will NOT be able to accommodate upgrade requests made onsite. 


As organizers we encourage riders to compete in the most appropriate age group -  providing they have the skills, knowledge and physical ability to compete in their preferred category. 


The following are the rules and technical requirements as determined by Cycling BC. Please refer to  the downloadable Technical Manual for more information.


Eligibility / Licensing

Riders must hold a Provincial racing license.  USA riders may compete using their domestic race license.  USA riders racing with non UCI licenses must purchase additional insurance at $5/day.  This can be paid at rider meeting.

Equipment Rules

  • Gearing: All categories 7.93m rollout (52x14) or equiv.

  • Disc brakes are permitted.

  • Riders will be informed of roll-out requirements before each stage.

  • Wheels: All Categories: Carbon Wheels permitted (no fewer than 16 spokes per wheel).

  •  Max dish 55mm..

  • Riders must use the same bike throughout the stage race. Therefore, time-trial specific bikes will not be permitted.Disc wheels are also not permitted.The only permissible aerodynamic aids are time trial helmets and clip-on (removable) time trial bar attachments.


Podium & Awards

Riders are required to attend awards presentations.  Details available in race bible as to times and locations.